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Hair Extension Maintenance Tips

Advice and Tips on Extensions

Proper care and maintenance for your hair extensions should be your goal. Implementing these tips into your daily life will help you have a clear understanding of extension maintenance. These tips go from how to maintain your hair, what to implement in your hair routine, and what to stop in your hair care routine. These tips and tricks will ensure that your extensions are clean, moisturized, healthy, and luxurious. 

Maintaining Braids

  • Wash and clean braids regularly and keep them fresh.

  • Make sure to blow/air dry braids properly before sleeping.

  • Wear a head bonnet to protect the braids at night.

  • Use sprays ad mists to keep braids fresh.

Maintaining Weaves

  • Shampoo very often to reduce build-up in cornrows.

  •  Thoroughly dry hair to not cause damage inside your scalp and dirt forming.

  •  Sleep with a Silk Scarf or pillow during the night.

  • Do not apply too much heat.

  • Do not apply too many oils and products.

Washing and Detangling

Clean your hair to reduce oil build-up. Excess dirt and product build-up can contribute to breakage and odours. A simple regimen involves cleansing with shampoo twice, and then conditioning. Dry your hair, then seal it off with oil to make sure your hair is still moisturised after cleansing.

Protection for Hair in the Evening

Covering braids with a silk scarf/ head stocking not only protects your hair, but it also makes sure that your roots do not dry out. This beneficial because it prevents hair breakage and leaves air feeling fresh.

Natural hair care with Extensions

Your natural hair care routine should include a scalp regimen, to keep your scalp moisturized. Dry scalp increases the risk of breakage at the root. The dry scalp also can lead to dandruff or scalp infections. A moisturizing oil such as coconut oil can be useful in reducing the getting a dry scalp. Use a few times a week for shiny, nourished, and healthy hair.

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Hair Extension Tips & Maintenance: Tips & Inspiration
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Hair Salon
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The hair maintenance and tips above will guide you on how to use these products, and how they benefit your hair.

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